Guiding Indonesian Mountains

A mountain guide is a profession that is not easy in the waistband by climbers who are already poor across the world climbing though, because the task of a mountain guide in the end, make the scout familiar with the terrain, not afraid of getting lost and more easily perform activities of mountaineering.

And if you need the services of a mountain guide service in Indonesia in general and mountain in Java in particular please contact us.

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Everything just discussed, ranging from internal and external problems and all the tools needed supplies. For each mountain course is not always the same price, adjusted to the level of difficulty and distance mountain to be climbed.

- Ascent for 1-3 persons ( Special Beginner )
- Ascent to the number of members of more than 5 people / Team
- Package

-Providing Equipment and personal gear group
-Using Porter when necessary to carry supplies for the team ( personal light fixtures can be taken alone )
-Guide For at mountain
-Take care when necessary climbing permits
-Tents and Sleeping Bag renting when necessary

Guiding Indonesian Mountains

Our guides have long made the profession in a professional trekking guide. Safety is the main thing that is important: above all during climbing and adventure. All things about the adventures you can share and discuss with us.

In the wild, death is closer than we pulse .... Regards Belantara Indonesia!




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